CBGB Dome: Horses vs. Marquee Moon

Horses or Marquee Moon

queens congressman: george santos

brazilian ukrainian african jew: george anthony devolder santos?


This band...

Garage Rock Standard Thunderdome

Which one?

keith vs billy

who'll live longer?

Zeal and Ardor

Zeal and Ardor - Crap or not crap

Thing: Artificial Intelligence

What do you think about Artificial Intelligence?

Psychedelic Japanese rock band: Bo Ningen

How about it?

Under Pressure Dome: David Bowie vs. Queen

Under pressure, you would choose:

Sparkle Dome: Best Glam Band

Who sparkled best?

Format: LP mastered at 45rpm, two or three songs per side, spread over two or more records . . .

Format: an LP mastered at 45rpm, two or three songs per side, spread over two or more records . . .

Chris-dome: Pine vs. Pratt vs. Hemsworth vs. Evans

Which Chris wins?

Which Kind of Metal?

Which metal is best?

Thunderdome: Bonham vs Ward


The Encore

The Encore

Institution: the Roman Catholic Church




IDM-dome: Aphex Twin vs Autechre

Who made the most intelligent bleeps and bloops of all?

Floridian Band: The Spanish Dogs

Floridian Band: The Spanish Dogs

Awkward-dome: Only one laughing vs. Only one not laughing

which is worse?

Taylor-dome: which one is superior?

Which of these two Taylors is the superior entertainer?

Allman Brothers Band

Allman Brothers Band

Death Metal

Death Metal?

Drummerdome: Chippendale vs Hill vs RSMurphy

Hill or Chippendale or Murphy?

Song style: Power ballad

Power ballad?

Band: King Crimson


Band | Morphine


King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

That's not a knife


Which of these two bands is lamer? RHCP or TOOL?

TV show: The Twilight Zone (original only)

TV show: The Twilight Zone

Band: Chat Pile

Chat Pile: Crap/NotCrap

Groovedome: 90's Groove Metal

Who grooved the hardest

Sunglasses at Night: Corey Hart vs. Baby Storme

Who wears the sunglasses?

Solo: McCartney vs Harrison vs Lennon

John or George or Paul solo

Favorite Fugazi record

Favorite Fugazi record

Band: Southern Death Cult/Death Cult/The Cult

Band: Southern Death Cult/Death Cult/The Cult

The Better Tenant: Siouxsie & the Banshees vs Japan

The Better Tenant: Siouxsie & the Banshees vs Japan

Documentary: Dig!

Crap or Not Crap: Dig!

Pulled from shelves: Paqui's "One Chip Challenge"

What should be the fate of the "One Chip Challenge?"

Social media site: Twitter


Band: Deerhoof


Amusment Park Ride Songs

Dave Chappelle: The Closer

Was this funny?

Book - The Jesus Lizard - Book

The Jesus Lizard Book

Opera: Wozzeck


Girls Against Boys

Girls Against Boys

Series: Veep


Lebron James


Pastor Jeremiah Wright

Jeremiah Wright

Deliciodome: Butter vs Olive Oil

Desert Island Delicacy



Chelsea Manning


Favorite way to record bass guitar

Your preferred method

So... About That Melon With The Hole In It.....

Jackie-Dome: Robinson vs Kennedy

Robinson or Kennedy?

Speed Cameras

Are speed cameras needed?

Favorite Cows record

Your fave

Prophets: Elijah and John the Baptist

Elijah and John

The Breeders records

Favorite The Breeders release

Christian-Dome: AOC vs. Walsh vs. Nugent

Thunderdome: Six Finger Satellite Vs Brainiac


James Brown

James Brown

YouTube Community: BreadTube

Tubes of Bread?


Your favorite Blonde:

QAnon Cinema: The Sound of Freedom

Legit Film or Propaganda?

Live Skull

Live Skull

Band : Fluf

To Crap or not to

Eric Chenaux

Drinking milk

Drinking milk

Vocalist-dome: Anthony Kiedis vs. Olivia Rodrigo

Who's the better vocalist?

Band: The Cool Greenhouse


YouTube Personality: Pat Finnerty

Pat Finnerty?

The Olivia Rodrigo Scream


TV personality: Jimmy Fallon

TV personality: Jimmy Fallon

Myriam Gendron

Favorite R.E.M. 80' LP

Favorite 80s R.E.M. album

Favorite Velvet Underground album

Fave VU album

Band: T.S.O.L.


Bonnie "Prince" Billy/Palace

Bonnie "Prince" Billy/Palace

Which of these California PUNK bands sucks the most?

Which of these California PUNK bands sucks the most

Album: Dirk Wears White Sox - Adam Ant

Adam and The Ants Debut

Growing share of Americans favor more nuclear power

Nuclear power

Thunderdome: "New Year's Day" vs. "Would?"

Which song wins?


Flipper rules?

Author: Homer


Favorite Sweathog

Choose Your Fighter

Band: Surgery

C or NC

Best major media source

Best news outlet

Film Production Company Terrordome

Best Horror Film Production Company?

C/NC: the pinch harmonic

C/NC: the pinch harmonic

Dicks vs. Big Boys

Dicks vs. Big Boys

Band: Girl Band

C/NC: The Band Girl Band

Adult bringing a glove to a baseball game.

Adult with a glove?

Regional Hot Dog Shootout

Pick one best dog

DrO)))ne face O)))ff

Earth vs Sun O)))

Thunderdome: Led Zeppelin vs. Van Halen

Superior band:

Band: Crack Cloud


The Germs

The Germs

Thunderdome: Hans Gruber vs Dick Jones

Choose your villain!

Favorite The Stooges album

Favorite The Stooges album